Workstation Optimization

Computers are like new homes or apartments; if you don’t make good use of your space and resources they get filled with clutter as time goes by. We can make them run like new again. Listed below are the optimization services we offer our customers

  • Removal of unnecessary programs and startup items.
  • Disk and browser cleanup.
  • Standard Internal Cleaning: Removal of dust and debris from heat sink and fan.
  • Basic Software Installation: Installation of the latest versions of Windows Live Essentials, Adobe Reader and Flash Player, Libreoffice, and a few other useful programs.

Have one of our computer experts take a look at your computer or laptop. Whether the problem is internal or external, our team will be able to determine the best route for optimization. There’s no reason to suffer with a computer or laptop that is not functioning properly. Through Imperial Computer Solutions we can clear some of the clutter to make your computer run faster. You may be surprised how differently your computer acts once it begins using its memory space more efficiently.

Another problem that we commonly see at Imperial Computer Solutions is a collection of dust and other debris hindering your computer or laptop’s heat sink and fan. Both of these devices are necessary for your computer to regulate its temperature. Neglect of either the heat sink or fan can negatively affect your device’s internal processing. Give your computer or laptop the spring cleaning it needs through Imperial Computer Solutions. Feel free to contact any of our four offices located in Grand Rapids, Kentwood, Rockford, and Hudsonville.