Data Safety & Recovery

At Imperial Computer Solutions we understand how important it is to keep your digital files (such as documents, photos, and videos) safe. You can trust us to keep your data safe and to recover it after your laptop or computer suffers a traumatic event. Over the years, invaluable data is stored on your computer or laptop. In the event that your computer is irreparably damaged, you can count on Imperial Computer Solutions to rescue as much data as possible.

Our team of trained computer professionals is equipped to handle all your data needs. Also feel free to call us about the ways we can keep your data safe before disaster strikes. We can help you back up your data. Common methods of backing up your data include downloading it to an external hard drive or using a form of Cloud file storage.

In most cases, our computer experts are even able to recover data after factory restores. There is no penalty to getting your computer or laptop serviced at Imperial Computer Solutions. We are so dedicated to our customers that we only charge for our data recovery service if we are successful. In the event that we retrieve your computer or laptop’s information, our data recovery service is still very affordable and usually runs between $40 to $120.

When customers come to us for our data safety and recovery services, it is often because their computer has crashed. Other circumstances include electrical surges, which are often the precursor of power outages. If this is you, feel free to contact one of our offices located in Grand Rapids, Kentwood, Rockford, and Hudsonville.