Grand Rapids Residential Computer Services

Grand Rapids Residential Computer Services

Viruses, Malware, Spyware – whatever you call them, they’re out there and looking to annoy you!

No matter how careful you are online, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself infected with one of those nasty programs aimed at stealing your personal information and rendering your computer useless.

Imperial is here to help. Not only can we remove the virus, in most cases it doens’t affect any of your data, programs, or even your settings!

Virus Spyware & Cleanup

Has your computer or laptop been running slow lately and you suspect a computer virus? Imperial Computer Solutions’ virus cleanup service can help eliminate harmful viruses from your device.

Virus Spyware & Cleanup Services:

  • Malware Removal: Removal of all malware from the OS and browsers.
  • Optimization: Removal of unnecessary programs and startup items, as well as disk and browser cleanup.
  • Standard Internal Cleaning: Removal of dust and debris from heatsink and fan.

Our trained computer professionals are familiar with the most common viruses and are here to help.
Learn more about virus spyware & cleanup

Data Phone Cabling

Are your data and phone cables giving you trouble? Your home computer or laptop can only be as efficient as the data cable directing information to it. Likewise, the functionality of your home phone depends on the condition of its corresponding cable. Imperial Computer Solutions is experienced at handling at your data and phone cabling needs and will work to troubleshoot and eliminate any difficulties you might have. Learn more about residential data & phone cabling

Mac Virus Removal

  • Same as PC Virus Cleanup

Operating System Reload

  • Reinstallation of the licensed operating system on your computer.
  • Driver Installation: Installation of required drivers for computer.
  • Update Installation: Installation of Windows Updates.
  • Basic Software Installation: Installation of the latest versions of Windows Live Essentials, Adobe Reader and Flash Player, Libreoffice, and a few other useful programs

Advanced Troubleshooting

Are you at a complete loss for why your computer or laptop is not working properly? Imperial Computer Solutions’ advanced troubleshooting service helps you get to the root of the problem so that you can plan your next course of action. Reclaim your computer or laptop through Imperial Computer Solutions. Learn more about advanced troubleshooting

Workstation Optimization

Make sure that your computer is optimized to run its best through Imperial Computer Solutions. Over time, your computer can become loaded down with programs that are not needed, but are still taking up valuable memory space. Dust and debris can also build up near the heat sink and fan, causing your computer to function more slowly. Free your computer of these issues by calling Imperial Computer Solutions. Learn more about home workstation optimization

Power Jack Repair / Replacement

Replace or Repair the DC Jack in the Computer. Have to wiggle your cord to get your computer to charge or turn on? This will fix that!

Desktop & Laptop Repair

If your computer or laptop needs to be repaired, call Imperial Computer Solutions. Our team of computer experts is ready to handle any of your repair needs. We know that your desktop or laptop is important to you. You can trust us to get it looking and running new as soon as possible. Learn more about desktop repair and laptop repair

Screen Replacement

  • Cracked Screens
  • Dim Screens
  • Nothing showing up on screen
  • Spots on Screen
  • Touch Screen Doesnt work

Screen Hinge Replacement

Screen won’t stay up on a laptop or seems very loose. Hinge replacement will fix the problem.

Missing DVD/CD Drive

If your CD/DVD drive disappeared, is not recognized by other applications, or just won’t play or access your CDs or DVDs, you are not alone. We can fix that!

AntiVirus Purchase

Buy Antivirus with us and when you come in the next year for it to be renewed will will do a free tune up on the computer at the same time for FREE!

Data Safety & Recovery

These days we keep our entire lives documented within our computers and laptops. When disaster strikes, you can count on Imperial Computer Solutions to recover your most important data. We also offer data safety services to prevent such a loss in the first place. Learn more about data safety & recovery

Data Transfer

  • Got a new computer and want all your data back from your old one? We can Transfer that for you.
  • If you get your new computer from us the data transfer is FREE.

Power Supply Replacement

Desktop Computer won’t turn on? Dont junk it, it could be as easy as just replacing the power supply.


  • Memory
  • CPU (Processor)
  • Graphics Cards
  • Wireless Cards
  • Operating Systems
  • Power Supply

Getting the Blue Screen of Death? We can diagnose those issues.

Custom Built Computers and Gaming Machines

Have a game or business specs you need in a machine? We can build it for you.

  • We have some avid gamers as techs so they know what you will need in a computer to play specific games.

Remote Services

Have an issue with your computer, but are unable to reach one of our locations? Fear not. At Imperial Computer Solutions, we are able to provide technical support through our remote residential service. Learn more about residential remote services